Automatic Dump MRGV Monorail Transfer Cart


The advent of monorail transfer cart with dump devices and automatic positioning functions has undoubtedly brought huge changes to the transportation industry.It not only has a breakthrough performance in turning ability, but also can improve the efficiency of unloading and ensure transportation safety.I believe that with the continuous maturity and promotion of monorail transfer cart, it will become a star product in the transportation industry and inject new vitality into the development of all walks of life.



Load:2 Ton


Power:Battery Power

Running Speed:0-25 m/mim

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With the acceleration of urbanization and the growth of logistics demand, the transportation industry is facing more and more challenges.In traditional modes of cargo transportation, vehicles often encounter cumbersome turning, inconvenient unloading, and positioning problems.However, there is now a brand new solution-a monorail transfer cart with a dump device and an automatic positioning function, which has brought transformative changes to the transportation industry.

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Automatic Dump MRGV Monorail Transfer Cart (3)

First of all, the core advantage of the monorail transfer cart with dump device lies in its excellent turning performance.Compared with traditional freight vehicles, monorails adopt a unique design, which only requires a very small turning radius to complete the turning action.This means that under narrow road conditions, monorail transfer carts can easily cope with various complex turning situations, greatly improving transportation efficiency.

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Secondly, the monorail transfer cart is also equipped with a dump device, which makes dump extremely convenient.Whether it is construction waste, ore or soil, the monorail can quickly dump the goods to the designated location, eliminating the trouble of manual operation.Moreover, the dump device of the monorail has the advantages of high stability and adjustable dumping angle, which can meet the needs of different industries, such as construction sites, coal mines, farmland, etc.

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More importantly, the monorail also has an automatic positioning function to make the transportation process more intelligent.Through advanced GPS positioning technology, the monorail transfer cart can obtain the location information of the vehicle in real time to ensure the safe transportation of goods.Not only that, the monorail transfer cart can also provide real-time logistics tracking and monitoring through the automatic positioning function, making transportation companies more efficient and accurate in transportation management.

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