5T Automatic Copper-Water Rail Transfer Cart


5T automatic copper-water rail transfer cart is a very important industrial equipment. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance and battery power supply. It can operate stably in a high temperature environment and ensure the safety of copper water.Its unique design characteristics and wide range of applications provide important support for the production and processing of copper materials.With the continuous development of industrial technology, copper-water transportation rail flat cars will receive more and more attention and play a greater role in the application of the industrial field.



Load:5 Ton


Power:Battery Power

Application:Copper Water Transfer

Running Speed:0-45m/min

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The 5t automatic copper-water rail transfer cart is a kind of equipment specially used for the transportation of copper materials, which can operate stably in a high temperature environment.In the production process of copper materials, it is often necessary to transport molten copper water from one place to another, and there are many problems with traditional transportation methods, such as inability to adapt to high temperature environments and low safety.The 5t automatic copper-water rail transfer cart completely solves these problems. It has high temperature resistance characteristics, can operate normally in a high temperature environment, and ensures the safety of copper water.



In the industrial field, 5t automatic copper-water rail transfer carts have a wide range of applications.

First of all, it can be applied to the smelting and refining process of copper materials, and can efficiently and stably transport copper water from the furnace to the mold or other processing equipment.

Secondly, it can also be applied to the storage and distribution process of copper materials, and the copper level can be accurately transported to the designated location by rail transfer cart.In addition, the automatic copper-water rail transfer cart can also be used in the intermediate processing process of copper materials to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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Rail Transfer Cart

Battery Power Supply Advantages

The 5t automatic copper-water rail transfer cart is powered by a battery, which is another advantage of it.Automatic copper-water rail transfer cart usually needs to be connected to an external power supply through a cable for charging, while the battery power supply method used by automatic copper-water rail transfer carts is more flexible and convenient.The battery can not only meet the needs of long-term operation of the equipment, but also reduce the use of cables and improve the safety and reliability of the equipment.

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The design characteristics of the automatic copper-water rail transfer cart are also very worthy of mention.First of all, it is made of special high-temperature resistant materials, which can run for a long time in a high-temperature environment without damage.Secondly, it has a large carrying capacity and stability, and can safely and stably transport copper water in a complex industrial environment.In addition, the automatic copper-water rail transfer cart is also equipped with an advanced remote control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, improving work efficiency and safety.

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