1.5 Ton Omnibearing Mecanum Wheel AGV


The emergence of 1.5 ton omnibearing mecanum wheel AGV has brought breakthrough changes to the field of industrial automation.Through advanced sensors and navigation systems, mecanum AGV has achieved high-precision environmental perception and autonomous navigation capabilities, which are widely used in manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare, improving production efficiency and work safety.In the future, with the further development of technology, mecanum AGV has great potential for development and will bring more efficient and intelligent solutions to various fields.


Model:Mecanum AGV-1.5T

Load:1.5 Ton


Power:Lithium Battery

Operate Type:Pendant+PLC

Wheel Gauge:980mm

Navigation: Laser Navigation & Two-Dimensional Code Navigation & Magnetic Strip Navigation

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1.5 Ton omnibearing mecanum wheel AGV has broad prospects for development.With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence and automation technology, mecanum wheel AGV will further enhance its intelligence level and application areas.This AGV uses a mecanum wheel. The mecanum wheel can realize the functions of vertical and horizontal translation and self-rotation without changing its own direction. Each mecanum wheel is driven by a servo motor.The AGV has three navigation methods: laser navigation, QR code navigation, and magnetic stripe navigation, and can be used in a variety of ways.


About Mecanum Wheel AGV

Safety Device:

The AGV is equipped with a laser plane sector to stop when encountering people, which can meet 270°, and the reaction area can be set at will within a radius of 5 meters.Safety touch edges are also installed around the AGV. After the personnel touch it, the AGV will stop running immediately to ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles.

There are 5 emergency stop buttons installed around the AGV, and emergency parking can be photographed in case of emergency.

The four sides of the AGV are designed with rounded corners to avoid right-angle bumps.


Automatic Charging:

AGV uses lithium batteries as power, which can achieve fast charging.One side of the AGV is equipped with a charging slider, which can be automatically charged with a charging pile on the ground.

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Corner Light:

The four corners of the AGV are equipped with customized corner lights, the light color can be set, it has a streamer effect, and it is full of technology.

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Application Areas Of Mecanum wheel AGV

Mecanum wheel AGV has a wide range of applications in many fields.The first is in the manufacturing industry. Mecanum wheel AGV can be used for material handling, assembly production lines, etc.It can move freely in a small space, complete the transportation of materials, and flexibly schedule according to production schedule and needs to improve production efficiency and manufacturing quality.

Secondly, mecanum wheel AGV is also widely used in the logistics industry.It can be used for the picking, sorting and transportation of materials in the warehouse.Due to its highly flexible and accurate navigation capabilities, mecanum wheel AGV can navigate autonomously in a complex warehouse environment, and can adjust the task execution path in real time to improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics processing.

In addition, mecanum wheel AGV can also be used in the field of healthcare.It can be used for tasks such as material transportation and hospital bed handling within the hospital.Through automatic navigation technology, mecanum wheel AGV can reduce manual operation, improve work efficiency, and reduce the workload of patients and medical staff while ensuring the internal safety of the hospital.


Advantages And Development Prospects Of Mecanum Wheel AGV

Compared with traditional automatic navigation vehicles, mecanum wheel AGV has obvious advantages in accuracy and flexibility.It has the ability to move in all directions, can move freely in a small space, and is not limited by road conditions.At the same time, mecanum wheel AGV uses advanced sensors and navigation systems to achieve high-precision environmental perception and navigation capabilities, and can navigate autonomously in complex environments, reducing manual intervention and improving work efficiency.

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