30T Steel Plate Handling Electric Rail Transfer Cart


30T steel plate handling electric rail transfer cart is a powerful, efficient and convenient steel plate transportation equipment.It has super load-bearing capacity, battery-powered power, is not limited by operating distance, and has the characteristics of simple and easy operation.The wide application of steel plate handling electric rail transfer carts will greatly improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure the safety of operators.This kind of advanced equipment will definitely play an increasingly important role in various industries and fields.



Load:30 Ton


Power:Battery Power

Running Speed:0-30 m/min

Quantity:10 Sets

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Steel plate handling electric rail transfer cart is a kind of mechanical equipment specially designed for steel plate transportation.It has an amazing load capacity and can transport 30 tons of steel plates at a time.Compared with traditional human transportation methods, steel plate handling electric rail transfer carts can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and be safer and more reliable.Battery power supply makes the electric rail transfer cart without external power supply, and can be used in any location, bringing great flexibility to users.This kind of electric rail transfer cart can not only carry a large weight, but also can run without restrictions in terms of distance, greatly improving the convenience of transportation.In addition, the steel plate transportation rail transfer cart is simple to operate, even inexperienced operators can quickly get started and improve work efficiency.



The application range of steel plate handling electric rail transfer carts is very wide.It can be used for loading, unloading, stacking and handling of steel plates, effectively improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.At the same time, in the process of steel plate transportation, the use of steel plate handling electric rail transfer cart can reduce the damage of steel plate, improve product quality and reduce production costs.In addition, electric rail transfer carts can also be used in material handling, warehousing and logistics fields to help enterprises achieve intelligent and automated production and operation.

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Private Customization

In addition to meeting the needs of large-scale steel plate transportation, steel plate handling electric rail transfer carts can also be customized according to the specific requirements of users.Engineers can adjust the size, load capacity and function of flat cars as needed to adapt to different operating environments and site restrictions.This customized feature makes steel plate handling electric rail transfer carts an essential tool in various industries, such as steel mills, shipyards, shipyards, construction sites, etc.

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Simple Operation

The operation of the steel plate handling electric rail transfer cart is very simple, and even inexperienced operators can get started quickly.The steel plate handling electric rail transfer cart is equipped with a humanized control panel, which is easy to operate and easy to understand.Just press the relevant buttons, the electric rail transfer cart can automatically start, stop and turn, which is very convenient and fast.The operator can adjust the speed and direction of the electric rail transfer cart as needed to ensure the safe transportation and accurate placement of steel plates.The flat car is also equipped with an emergency stop button, which can quickly stop moving in an emergency to ensure the safety of the staff.

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